Whether you are interested in scheduling a comprehensive onsite training course for you and your colleagues, or a brief 1-on-1 online course to learn about a specific topic, we have you covered! Custom courses are a great option, especially since they can be conveniently held at your office, online, or at the Trinity Consultants HQ office in Dallas, Texas (depending on your preference) and planned around your schedule. Additionally, the topics covered can be tailored to meet your specific needs and we can even incorporate your own modeling scenarios into the training course so that you gain hands-on experience with setting up and analyzing scenarios that you will be responsible for modeling after the course. Custom training is particularly well-suited when an organization's objectives include:

  • Minimizing travel time and expense
  • Training multiple staff
  • Improving consistency in modeling practices
  • Addressing sensitive issues in a private setting
  • Gaining hands-on practice with modeling scenarios similar to the ones the attendees will be conducting post-course

EHS Onsite and Online Training Topics

We provide customized onsite and online training for clients around the world that cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Fundamentals of air dispersion modeling
  • Fundamentals of hazardous release modeling
  • Fundamentals of explosion modeling (high explosive and/or vapor cloud explosion)
  • Selection of appropriate models
  • Application and use of individual models (e.g., AERMOD, CALPUFF, CAL3QHCR, INPUFF, DEGADIS, etc.)
  • Hands-on modeling labs focusing on the BREEZE Software program(s) of your choice
  • Using BREEZE to enhance your modeling productivity
  • Processing meteorological and terrain data for your modeling needs

Let us customize an onsite or online course that's just right for you!

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