All new BREEZE software purchases include one (1) year of maintenance and one (1) year of technical support. Once this first year of maintenance and support expires, you will have the option to renew your software maintenance to continue to have access to future software versions and technical support.

BREEZE updates its software products, enhances their functionalities, and fixes bugs on a regular basis. The best way to take advantage of these improvements is to always use the most recent version of the software. If you chose to not renew the maintenance, you will still be able to use your software but will lose access to software version updates and technical support. As such, we recommend that all users keep their maintenance up to date.

Technical Support Team

This team consists of staff meteorologists, environmental engineers (including licensed Professional Engineers), and modeling experts (including PhDs). Their expertise ranges from knowing and understanding the meteorological processes incorporated in the software, to the coded language that is the backbone of our BREEZE Software programs. From the moment you make your purchase, no matter what inquiries you run into, the BREEZE Support Team will be able to answer any and all technical questions in a very quick and effective manner.

What our clients are saying about the BREEZE Support Team 

"Good service and what I was hoping for when I selected BREEZE as our software supplier over other possible choices."
"Far exceeds expectations! Superlative response."
"The issue I had was resolved quickly and contact was made with me throughout all phases of the support. Very satisfied." 

Benefits of Renewing Your Maintenance and Support Agreement

  • Provide users with all regulatory updates, which are immediately incorporated into BREEZE Software products as they are released from the U.S. EPA or other controlling agency
  • Access BREEZE Software proprietary enhancements which includes increased functionality and capabilities
  • Assist with resolving issues and bugs that impact the software performance
  • Include complete technical support beneath the realm of consulting services
  • Provide users with reliable support from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Monday through Friday for all inquiries
  • Include unlimited telephone and email requests during support hours
  • Receive a technical support response within 24 hours when asking a support question via email
  • Access the knowledgeable team of experts including meteorologists, engineers, and consultants

Take a look at the latest release notes for a detailed list of updates and enhancements made to your software.

Our Maintenance and Support Agreements are on annual terms. For more information, please see our end user license agreement. Contact BREEZE at +1 (972) 661-8881 or breeze@trinityconsultants.com for a quote to renew the maintenance on your BREEZE software.

Lapsed maintenance is priced at the then-current software maintenance fee plus back-due maintenance. The annual maintenance period begins on the date of the software purchase and rolls annually from that date.