Screening Model Based on ISC3 Model

SCREEN3 is a screening version of the ISC3 model. This U.S. EPA-approved air dispersion model is used to analyze single source release scenarios over simple or complex terrain. Users have the option of choosing conservative or worst-case estimates in an initial screening for short-term air quality impacts from a single source.

BREEZE SCREEN3 allows you the option to model multiple sources and multiple pollutants in a single run.


  • Model multiple sources emitting multiple pollutants – all in a single model run!
  • Set up all of your sources and pollutants in one file, no need to set up separate input files for each source and pollutant
  • Model over any terrain—simple, complex (above stack height), or a combination of both
  • Set threshold concentrations to quickly identify when concentrations exceed specified values
  • Follows Microsoft design standards with intuitive user interface and ribbon tool bar
  • Analyze results in numerous formats: graphical, text, and tabular
  • Extract results as text files, images, or Excel spreadsheets

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Integrated User Interface

BREEZE SCREEN3 integrates data entry, analysis, and display functionality into a single system.  The Ribbon Bar is organized to take you, step-by-step, through project set up.  The display windows make data entry simple and quick.  Learn more



A diagnostic panel displays informational messages, warnings, and errors alerting the user to potential problems with the scenario.  Each message is preceded by a visual indicator identifying the severity.  While informational and warning messages will not necessarily prevent a scenario from running successfully, error messages indicate that the run will fail if executed. Clicking on a warning message will take the user to the location within the application that triggered the message.   Learn more


Multiple Sources and Receptors

BREEZE SCREEN3 allows you the option to model multiple sources and receptors.  Model point, flare, area, and volume sources all in one run.  Use both automated receptor arrays and discrete receptors to model concentrations. Learn more


Charts and Tables

After a model run, BREEZE SCREEN3 will create a variety of charts to display modeled concentrations.  Charts include a graphical display of concentration as a function of downwind distance and a table listing modeled concentrations from each source. The highest concentration from each source will be highlighted.     Learn more


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