Intuitive Vulnerability Calculation Application

BREEZE VASDIP is an application used for assessing the vulnerability of structures and human body components resulting from explosion impacts. With this program, blast damage and injury are communicated using the most recently developed Pressure-Impulse (P-I) diagrams and users have the ability to compute changes in vulnerability as a function of individual structural and human properties. This functionality makes VASDIP invaluable when performing cost and risk analysis.

VASDIP is designed to calculate vulnerability parameters for use in BREEZE ExDAM HExDAM and VExDAM, making it an excellent companion product to these modules for explosion modelers. BREEZE VASDIP can also be used independently to view damage data calculations for structures and human body components and to determine how such vulnerability changes as structural design and human parameters are varied.

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  • Calculate the vulnerability parameters for both inanimate structures and human body components
  • Specify detailed properties (including boundary conditions) of 24 different basic structural components and 19 different human body components
  • Provide option to modify existing and create new materials
  • Demonstrate blast damage or injury by generating P-I diagrams
  • Compute damage and injury for a given pressure and impulse
  • Determine vulnerability parameters for use with BREEZE ExDAM HExDAM and VExDAM modules

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Structure and Body Components

BREEZE VASDIP provides the option to specify the detailed properties of 24 different basic inanimate structural components, as well as 19 human body components. The parameters that can be accounted for in VASDIP vary with each structural and human body component. For example, the following parameters can be specified for a reinforced concrete slab:For human body components, the following parameters can be specified: Learn more


Pressure-Impulse Data

The color-coded P-I diagram consists of three injury contour levels which provide the user with a clear picture of the three zones of structural or human response:Total destruction / fatality zone - 100%Partial damage / injury zone - 50%No damage / injury zone - 0%If the magnitudes of the pressure and impulse that the structural component must be designed to withstand are known, then the input parameters in BREEZE VASDIP can be varied to generate a series of P-I diagrams. By doing this, the... Learn more


Damage Data Calculations

The Calculate Damage tab in BREEZE VASDIP provides the damage and injury percentage corresponding to the given overpressure and impulse values.  Learn more


Vulnerability Parameters for Export

The Vulnerability tab displays specific vulnerability parameters which can be used for characterizing a structure or human body component in BREEZE ExDAM HExDAM and VExDAM modules.BREEZE VASDIP calculates the damage/injury level produced by a specific combination of pressure and impulse values.  If the magnitude of the blast and exposure to structural and human body components is unknown, then the vulnerability parameters generated using the Vulnerability Tab in VASDIP can be exported to create... Learn more


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