Continuous Release

Air quality modeling applications developed to primarily address continuously released emissions from a wide variety of sources.



Process meteorological data for input into the BREEZE AERMOD dispersion model



Model air quality impacts due to industry emissions for permitting and planning purposes



A multi-layer, multi-species non-steady-state puff dispersion model



Air dispersion modeling suite that predicts air quality impacts from moving and idling motor vehicles



A screening model based on the U.S. EPA AERMOD air quality dispersion model



Air dispersion screening tool used to analyze multiple sources


Data Visualization and Analysis Tools

Modeling applications that enhance the ability to analyze and visualize modeling results.

3D Analyst

Analyze and visualize model results plus meteorological and terrain data



Meteorological data analysis and two dimensional visualization tool


Downwash Analyst

Understand visually the effects of building downwash in AERMOD


Accidental Hazardous Release

Modeling applications that address the accidental or unintended release of chemicals into the atmosphere. Many of these models are used for emergency response planning and facility design and safety improvement purposes.


Incident Analyst

Predict the potential toxic, fire, and explosion impacts of chemical releases


LFG Fire/Risk

Analyze potential risks associated with LFG and LNG releases


Explosion Damage Assessment

Sophisticated explosion damage assessment models used to evaluate the vulnerabilities of virtually any type of structure caused by a high explosive or vapod cloud explosion.



Evaluate damage to structures and injury to persons caused by explosions in three dimensions



Compute vulnerability parameters of structures and human body components from explosion impacts


Health Risk Assessment

Human health and ecological risk assessment modeling suite developed to perform multimedia fate, transport and exposure modeling for estimating potential adverse impacts to human health and ecological receptors.


Risk Analyst

Advanced human health risk assessment add-in for Esri ArcGIS®


Tank Emissions Software Tools

The TankESP Software Product Suite includes a comprehensive suite of products to meet different levels of storage tank emission calculation requirements.



Robust software product suite that addresses a variety of stored products and related emissions