Yes, BREEZE has conducted several projects around the world in which real-time emergency release modeling (“nowcasting”) and/or short-term forecasting was successfully implemented. Read more on our Custom Solutions page.

Visit our Specialized Consulting webpage to learn more about our consulting services and read project spotlights. For more information or a price quote, please contact the BREEZE Team at +1 972-661-8881 or breeze@trinityconsultants.com.

The real-time modeling systems that BREEZE has developed range from air quality forecast systems on a city or regional scale, to emergency response to chemical releases, fires, and explosions. Read the snapshot of a real-time modeling project BREEZE recently completed for one of our clients.

BREEZE Software is proficient in conducting various advanced, specialty impact modeling analyses, including air dispersion modeling, hazardous release modeling, fire (thermal radiation) modeling, and high explosive and vapor cloud explosion modeling assessments. BREEZE also has extensive experience with developing custom solutions, from real-time dispersion modeling systems to custom web design and hosting applications. Learn more on our Specialized Consulting Services page.

BREEZE provides a wide range of services to meet EHS requirements for companies worldwide. We are committed to developing solutions that address your specific objectives and provide enhanced productivity for your EHS professionals. BREEZE has managed and performed numerous environmental impact assessments, health and safety impact assessments, and accidental release modeling with more than 50 dispersion models sanctioned by U.S. EPA and other authorities.