Our superior technical proficiency in conducting various advanced, specialty impact modeling analyses allows BREEZE to efficiently and cost-effectively manage extensive data resources and perform complex analyses required for both international and domestic projects. The BREEZE Team understands the procedures and requirements for modeling dispersion, fire, and explosion impacts, developing and managing complex data sets for geophysical and meteorological data inputs, and integrating technical knowledge with regulatory experience to successfully apply models such as AERMOD, CALPUFF, DEGADIS, SLAB, AFTOX, INPUFF, ExDAM, CAMx and CMAQ to meet our clients' strategic objectives. We ultimately strive to deliver thorough, yet focused, modeling results and evaluation reports for our clients.

BREEZE has a uniquely qualified, experienced team and significant computing resources to perform advanced consulting work with a high level of quality and within your time requirement. We have managed and performed numerous environmental impact assessments, health and safety impact assessments, and accidental release modeling analyses with more than 50 dispersion models sanctioned by the US EPA and other authorities. BREEZE also offers many training courses such as its AERMOD Modeling Computer Lab, Practical Air Dispersion Modeling Workshop, and  Fundamentals of Air Dispersion Modeling to teach environmental professionals about the formulation and application of a variety of models.

Why Choose BREEZE for your Advanced Consulting Needs?

From modeling toxic gas dispersion to developing custom software and web applications, the BREEZE Team can apply our specialized EHS, modeling, and programming expertise to any challenge your organization faces. Our advanced consulting technical knowledge includes:

  • Expertise with US and international regulatory requirements
  • Extensive experience using dispersion models including but not limited to AERMOD, CALPUFF, SLAB, AFTOX, INPUFF, DEGADIS, CAMx, and CMAQ
  • Extensive experience using hazardous release software, such as BREEZE Incident Analyst
  • Extensive experience using BREEZE ExDAM for explosion modeling analyses
  • Deep understanding of the model algorithms
  • Ability to process worldwide model-ready meteorological and terrain data in-house in a variety of formats

Areas of Modeling Expertise




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