Parallel Processing on Desktop_ BREEZE AERMODThe input data requirements and technical enhancements incorporated in AERMOD, the U.S. EPA-approved air dispersion model for near-field modeling assessments, can cause model runs to take significant amounts of time. To assist with lengthy run times, BREEZE Software completed the complex process of developing parallel software for U.S. EPA's AERMOD regulatory dispersion model. Utilizing the advancements in multi-core computing technology, BREEZE developed BREEZE AERMOD Parallel, which leverages the multi-core processers available in most modern computers and helps modelers dramatically reduce AERMOD model run times.

AERMOD Parallel runs on a multi-CPU, multi-core computer, or distributed computer network (cluster) environmental to minimize model run-times. Improvements in the product's performance are based directly on the number of CPU's (or cores) utilized. BREEZE AERMOD Parallel accepts AERMOD input files created for use with any version of EPA's AERMOD and is available in Windows Operating Systems. BREEZE AERMOD Parallel produces the identical AERMOD results with significantly faster run-times.

Additional CPU Cores, Faster Model Runtimes

BREEZE AERMOD Parallel 2-CPU, which can nearly double the speed of an AERMOD run, is included with every purchase of BREEZE AERMOD. For those interested in utilizing additional cores for processing AERMOD runs even faster, can purchase BREEZE AERMOD in the following configurations in addition to the standard license:

  • BREEZE AERMOD Parallel 4-CPU: $1995 USD
  • BREEZE AERMOD Parallel 8-CPU: $2995 USD

We can also provide AERMOD Parallel 16- and 32-CPU options, and additional cores at a custom rate for users with more powerful machines. With this approach, the user can determine how many processors are desired to run the AERMOD modeling scenario and purchase the appropriate BREEZE AERMOD Parallel package.

U.S. EPA Equivalency

BREEZE developed AERMOD Parallel to significantly improve performance across multiple processors. As part of the product development process, equivalency testing was performed with hundreds of AERMOD model runs using both the AERMOD Fortran executable and the BREEZE AERMOD Parallel executables. Based on all completed test cases, modeling results generated by the BREEZE AERMOD Parallel are identical to those generated by the U.S. EPA AERMOD executables.  


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