High Speed Modeling ComputersFor very large AERMOD runs or for highly time-sensitive runs, the BREEZE Remote Modeling System (BRMS) provides the fastest possible results. The BRMS can also be an essential resource when exploring acceptable scenarios for large-scale AERMOD projects. Once a model run is started on the BRMS, results are returned in a fraction of the normal execution time (e.g., up to 100 times faster!).

The BRMS for AERMOD operates on a massively parallel computer cluster owned by BREEZE that combines the processing power of multiple multi-core computers. Multi-core computers have more than one processing unit, or CPU, on a computer chip. Each core can be viewed as a separate computer capable of performing independent calculations. Expert air quality modelers looking to save time and money for their AERMOD runs by utilizing scalable, high-performance computing (HPC) applications to process the numerically intensive algorithms and data find their solution in the BRMS.

With the BRMS, you'll be able to complete what would normally take days or even weeks in only a few short minutes or hours. Imagine how much more productive you can be.

Why use the BREEZE Remote Modeling System?

  1. Get results back in a fraction of the time - up to 100x faster!
  2. Upload input files anytime (24/7)
  3. Receive email notifications when model results are completed
  4. Conduct what-if analyses with ease
  5. No proprietary software needed
  6. Reduce your need to purchase, maintain, and upgrade computing hardware for modeling

New users can try out the system with two free runs.  Request a BRMS key!   

How do I use the BREEZE Remote Modeling System?

The BRMS is a Web-enabled application that requires no proprietary software interface, allowing modelers to submit data online via their My BREEZE account anytime (24/7). Users who own BREEZE AERMOD may also submit runs directly through their software interface, if preferred. Before submitting a modeling scenario, a user must request access to the BRMS. Access to the BRMS is granted by the BREEZE Team once the request is received. This access protects the confidentiality of all users by allowing a user to view only submissions associated with their My BREEZE account. After receiving access, users can simply upload input files anytime through our online webpage or directly through their BREEZE AERMOD interface. Email notifications inform users of the model run status and a link to the completed results. You will be able to track the progress of your runs through your My BREEZE account, as well as the charges associated with each run, and then at the end of each month you will be provided with an invoice (with net 30 day payment terms) detailing your charges. 

There are two ways to submit AERMOD runs to the BREEZE Remote Modeling System:  

  • Access the BRMS through the BREEZE AERMOD interface and use remote modeling resources by following the step-by-step instructions. Click the Remote Modeling button found under the Analysis section of the ribbon bar.
    Remote Modeling via BREEZE AERMOD Interface
  • Submit AERMOD model runs through the BREEZE website and use the remote modeling resources of the BRMS. Sign in to your My BREEZE account and click Submit a New Job to enter in modeling scenario details and files.

Remote Modeling - Online My BREEZE account

How much does it cost to use the BREEZE Remote Modeling System?

The standard charges for the BRMS are $100 USD/hour, with a minimum fee of $25 USD/run if your runtime is less than 15 minutes. The runtime and cost of each run varies due to a number of variables including, but not limited to, the following: number of sources and receptors, type of sources, number of years modeled, and output selected.

Contact BREEZE to try out the system today and get your first two free runs!

With every purchase of BREEZE AERMOD/ISC Pro or Pro Plus, we also offer a complimentary 10-day or 30-day trial period to the high-speed remote modeling system, respectively.

Note: Before submitting any AERMOD runs that were parallel processed to an agency for regulatory purposes, check with the agency to ensure results will be accepted.


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