Our professional staff provides a wide range of services to meet EHS requirements for companies worldwide. We are committed to developing solutions that address your specific objectives and provide enhanced productivity for your EHS professionals.

Specialized Consulting Services

BREEZE Specialized Consulting Services The BREEZE Software Team has modeling experience for a wide range of applications, including air dispersion, accidental release, and high explosive and vapor cloud explosion assessments. To date, BREEZE has managed and performed numerous environmental impact assessments, health and safety impact assessments, and accidental release and explosion assessment modeling with more than 50 models sanctioned by U.S. EPA and other authorities.

In addition to the BREEZE product line, we evaluate, develop, and adapt modeling algorithms for specific needs and provide custom software to governmental and private sector organizations worldwide. Customers consistently choose BREEZE to design and develop custom solutions because of our understanding and experience with a wide range of model types and our reputation as a Certified Microsoft® Development Partner.


High-Speed Modeling Services

Cluster Computing_Menu BREEZE software developers were the first to develop parallel software for U.S. EPA regulatory dispersion models. We saw an opportunity to reduce model runtimes while utilizing the advancements in multi-core computing technology. As a result, BREEZE created cost-effective solutions that slash modeling runtimes to deliver results in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional U.S. EPA versions. BREEZE AERMOD users interested in parallel processing can choose local or remote modeling resources. A two-core local parallel processing version is included with every BREEZE AERMOD purchase.