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May 14, 2019

What's New in Version 9.0

  • New Types of High Explosives (Requires HExDAM module) - Added high explosives with built-in relative effectiveness factors that relate an explosive's power to that of TNT

    • Examples of high explosives include Tritonal. PETN, Nitromethane, Nitroglycerin, Ammonia Nitrate, Composition C-4, etc.
    • Added the capability to add custom high explosives or edit the existing relative effectiveness factors 

    View Relative Effectiveness Factors - BREEZE ExDAM 9.0

  • Vapor Cloud Explosion Fuel Properties Calculator (require VExDAM module) - Added a tool to calculate a fuel's stoichiometric ratio, molecular weight, and net combustion energy required to define a vapor cloud explosion using the chemical molecular formula and the chemical standard enthalpy of formation 

    Net Combustion Energy Estimation Calculator - BREEZE ExDAM 9.0

  • Performance Improvements - Increased the software's available memory to allow processing of complex cases
  • Support Polylines (Requires 3D Extend module) - Support Polylines with bulges in AutoCAD drawing files
  • Compatibility Enhancement - Updated the software so it is fully compatible with Windows 10 Operating System

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that failed to load HExFRAG results in the Tabular Results tab
  • Fixed a bug that failed to load ExDAM projects after they were saved for certain cases

Known Issues

  • Certain ESRI Shapefiles cannot be imported to ExDAM
  • Certain AutoCAD drawing entities cannot be imported to ExDAM
  • BREEZE ExDAM is a 32-bit application so memory limitations may occur when total structures and persons exceed certain number


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