BREEZE VASDIP (Vulnerability Assessment of Structurally Damaging Impulses and Pressures) is an application used for assessing the vulnerability of structures and human body components resulting from explosion impacts. BREEZE VASDIP can also be used independently to view damage data calculations for structures and human body components and to determine how such vulnerability changes as structural design and human parameters are varied. Additionally, BREEZE VASDIP results can be used in BREEZE ExDAM HExDAM and VExDAM, making VASDIP an excellent companion product to these modules for explosion modelers.

Product Features:

  • Calculates the vulnerability parameters for both inanimate structures and human body components
  • Utilizes the most recently developed Pressure-Impulse (P-I) diagrams to communicate blast damage and injury
  • Specifies detailed properties (including boundary conditions) of 24 different basic structural components and 19 different human body components
  • Allows users to modify existing materials and create new materials
  • Displays a P-I diagram that shows three injury contour levels to provide users with the clearest picture of the three zones of structural or human response

What's Included?

  • A perpetual license of the software
  • One free year of technical support and maintenance (upgrades) for the registered user

Price: $2,495.00

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