Both Site and Meteorological Data include forms that enable users to add, edit and remove site details and meteorological data sets. Users can add multiple Sites in the database, and can choose to include meteorological data from three sources: Pre-2018 AP42, Post-2018 AP42 or as defined by the user.

Manage Sites Form

The Manage Sites form allows users to add a Site to TankESP with a Site Name, Description, and Location for meteorological data. The form also allows users to copy, edit or remove Sites that were created previously. TankESP accommodates multiple Sites in the same database, with each Site identified by a Site Name and associated with a Location for meteorological data. Once a Site has been created, then information on the tanks belonging to that Site can be entered into the program.  

Manage Sites_TankESP

New Site Information - TankESP

Meteorological Data (Manage Locations Form)

Each set of meteorological data is referred to as a “Location” in the TankESP software. This form allows users to add, edit, view, or remove meteorological datasets. TankESP includes three types of meteorological data: Pre-2018 AP42, Post-2018 AP42, and User Defined.  The data source for the “Pre-2018 AP42” meteorological data is from the AP-42 Chapter 7 published in November 2006.  The data source for the Post-2018 AP42 meteorological data is from the AP-42 Chapter 7 published in December 2018. The User Defined data set would be created by the user.

Manage Meteorological Data - Locations_TankESP

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