This form allows users to enter or edit service data on a tank-by-tank basis for a given time period.  The Routine Data that can be entered in this form includes:

  • Tank ID - Tank identification number 
  • Start Date/Time 
  • Throughput - Corresponding to net changes in liquid level
  • Throughput Unit - Options include Barrels, Gallons, or Feet
  • Stock - Liquid stored in the Tank from the drop-down list
  • Stock RVP - This field allows overriding the given Reid vapor pressure (RVP) and may be used, for example, when there is a seasonal RVP change for gasoline  
  • Bulk Storage Temp. - This field is for the liquid bulk temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comments - This field is not used in any computations, and may be left blank. It is provided solely for your convenience, should you choose to use it.
  • Flash Gas - This field is typically used only for tanks in the production field. It requires that data on flash gases be entered in the Stocks form, in which case the flash gas associated with a given tank can be selected from the drop-down menu for this field. 

Besides, users can enter the Non-Routine events (Roof Landing and Tank Cleaning) and Change of Service records on this form.

Note: TankESP LT only has one row available in this input table

Edit Service Information_TankESP

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