Advanced Human Health Risk Assessment Tool

BREEZE Risk Analyst is an add-in for Esri ArcGIS (either the Esri ArcGIS Pro version sold separately, or the free retired ArcGIS Explorer Desktop version) designed to perform human health risk assessment modeling. It is a highly flexible and expandable GIS-based analysis platform for conducting multi-pathway human health risk assessments. Risk Analyst seamlessly combines all the necessary tools, databases, GIS functionality, and fate and transport and exposure modeling equations into an affordable and easy to use software application.

BREEZE Risk Analyst's highly flexible and modular design may be used for preparing human health risk assessments for both regulatory and non-regulatory requirements. The system is designed to provide a platform upon which to support the evolving requirements and environmental challenges of many of today's most important regulatory and non-regulatory applications, including:

  • Air toxics risk assessments (ATRA)
  • Environmental impact statements (EIS)
  • Air monitoring health impact analysis
  • HHRAP-RCRA hazardous waste combustion permitting 
  • Community-based cumulative risk assessment programs
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Toxic tort and odor/nuisance litigation
  • Air toxics permitting
  • Air toxics risk assessment library methodologies
  • Cumulative risk
  • Environmental justice
  • Hot spots guidelines
  • Residual risk

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BREEZE Risk Analyst Key Features

  • Includes the U.S. EPA Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP), among many other risk modules
  • Incorporates advanced error logging and numeric validation reporting
  • Contains a powerful database of the 204 HHRAP Companion Database chemicals
  • Enables users to add or import new chemicals to the database and modify existing chemicals
  • Includes a robust toolbox of results analysis and mapping features
  • Provides detailed parameter and equation descriptions
  • Enables users to import emission inventories such as the U.S. EPA Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and the U.S. EPA National Emission Inventory (NEI)

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Esri ArcGIS Add-In

BREEZE Risk Analyst is available as an Esri ArcViewTM add-in for Esri ArcGIS 9 and 10. The GIS add-in inherits the full functionality available in ArcView allowing users to take full advantage of ArcView's powerful capabilities including visualizing, managing, creating, and analyzing geographic data. Using ArcView, users can understand the geographic context of their data allowing you to see relationships and identify patterns in new ways never before possible without geospatial awareness.... Learn more


Risk Modules

Designed as an expandable platform, BREEZE Risk Analyst includes all the underlying components and functionality required to perform risk modeling with separate modules to support specific risk needs. Individual risk modules are designed to implement a specific risk assessment methodology or regulatory program (e.g., HHRAP, TRIM, HARP). Learn more


Model Setup

The user interface provides a robust, user-friendly, GIS-driven project setup and project management environment. The modern Microsoft 'Ribbon' style interface in combination with the unique toolbars, user-managed data trees, and selection-specific properties grids enables users to easily manage all project inputs, analyses, and results. Users can import, manage, and define every facet of the analysis prior to the modeling run or after model execution using powerful results analysis and... Learn more


Data Entry

The highly flexible Air Modeling Import Wizard provides users with the tools necessary to import modeling results from a wide variety of air dispersion models (e.g., ISCST3, AERMOD, CALPUFF, and SCIPUFF) and in multiple data formats. Import formats are not limited or predefined by rigid software requirements. This capability allows users to extract the maximum benefit from previous modeling runs often reducing the need to re-run models. This flexibility results in significant time and cost... Learn more


Chemical Database

BREEZE Risk Analyst includes a fully editable chemical database providing the flexibility necessary for keeping the database current and complete. The chemical database includes the 204 HHRAP Companion Database chemicals and the necessary fate, transport, and toxicity parameters for evaluating acute exposure, cancer risks, and noncancer hazards. Users can modify parameters based on specific state and regional regulatory requirements or unique site-specific factors. New chemicals can also be... Learn more


Results and Mapping

The robust toolbox of results analysis and mapping features allows users to customize result summaries by location, source, chemical, chemical-group, exposure-scenario, exposure-pathway, or any combination of the above. Results can be viewed using a data grid format (spreadsheet) or within the map view by simply selecting a location of interest using the “Details” tool. BREEZE Risk Analyst also provides users with numerous export options, including the ability to export to Google Earth, as well... Learn more


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