Most meteorological data formats are difficult to decipher. BREEZE MetView removes the guesswork with data tables for every plot, including convenient titles and units for each variable.

Data Table Display

BREEZE MetView produces data tables for every data plot. The Data Table display shows your meteorological data file in an easy-to-read table with header information to easily analyze all meteorological variables. All tables can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

MetView - Table Data Screenshot

Tabular Features

MetView offers several tabular features to help you decipher your meteorological data files:

  • Identify missing hours automatically with the Data Table display
  • Create custom tables with the MetView control panel to turn variables on and off
  • Make modifications to the data within the Data Table view. When data is saved, MetView will ensure it's in the proper text format for the meteorological data format you are using.

Wind Rose and Data Rose Tables

The tables in BREEZE MetView are linked to the wind rose and data rose plots. The options you choose for the plots will be linked to the associated tables so the raw data used to create the plot can be easily verified.

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