Incident Analyst

BREEZE Incident Analyst is a comprehensive tool for accidental chemical release hazard and consequence modeling, featuring industry-standard models that have been developed by U.S. government, military, and industry groups. Incident Analyst incorporates a suite of neutrally buoyant and dense toxic gas dispersion models to predict chemical concentration and flammability levels; thermal radiation fire models to predict radiation fluxes and temperature rise; and explosion models to predict blast force overpressures from vapor cloud explosions. This sophisticated modeling program provides dramatically expanded functionality and many features that streamline the model setup and results analysis process for a variety of hazardous release modeling scenarios, as well as the post-processing program BREEZE 3D Analyst which may be used for visually displaying and analyzing the results graphically.

Product Features:

  • Incorporates established, widely-accepted models, allowing users to understand what the models are doing rather than trusting proprietary “black box” models
  • Includes a comprehensive database that contains over 180 industry-standard chemicals and mixtures and also provides users with the ability to add new chemicals or mixtures, or modify the existing ones
  • Includes a Source Term Wizard that automatically calculates the release properties needed by Incident Analyst's dispersion models and recommends an appropriate dispersion model to use in that particular case
  • Provides users with an intuitive, streamlined, and easy-to-use interface that follows Microsoft design standards and guides the user through entering inputs associated with a potential chemical release
  • Integrates with the BREEZE 3D Analyst post-processing program to provide users with a wealth of post-processing options
  • Includes a diagnostic window that notifies users of potential problems during their model setup as well as the location where the potential issue can be resolved, saving users time and effort

What's Included?

  • 12 industry-standard models:
    • Four dispersion models: AFTOX, SLAB, INPUFF, and DEGADIS
    • Four fire models: GRI Unconfined Liquid Pool, Confined Liquid Pool, Jet Fire, and BLEVE
    • Four vapor cloud explosion models: U.S. and U.K. HSE TNT Equivalency, TNO Multi-Energy, and Baker-Strehlow-Tang
  • BREEZE 3D Analyst for post-processing and graphical displays of results
  • A perpetual license of the software
  • One free year of technical support and maintenance (upgrades) for the registered user
  • Shipping & handling of a USB hardware key (required in order to access the software)

Price: $4,995.00

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