The structure development process begins with creating an ExDAM project file containing the geometry and associated properties of nine data object types:

  1. Structures
  2. Maps
  3. People
  4. Library Objects
  5. Primary High Explosives
  6. Secondary High Explosives
  7. Primary Vapor Clouds
  8. Secondary Vapor Clouds
  9. Sample Grids

Maps Data Objects

Map data objects are used as vertical and horizontal stencils for creating structures. Map data objects are essentially vertical or horizontal planar structure data objects with scaled images projected onto them.

ExDAM Map Data Objects Sceenshot

Structure Data Objects

Structure data objects are the principle 3D data objects defining structure geometries such as buildings, facilities, and equipment. All structure data objects have a material assigned to them. These materials define the explosion vulnerability of each subblock.

ExDAM Structure Data Objects Screenshot

People Data Objects

People data objects are essentially predefined static structures composed of 28 body component subblocks. People data object properties include type (man, woman, or child), pose (numerous standing, sitting, prone options), orientation angle, and location.

ExDAM People Objects Screenshot

Library Data Objects

Library data objects are a static copy of all the data objects in the structures, people, and library objects root group of another ExDAM project.

ExDAM Library Data Objects

Primary/Secondary High Explosive Data Objects

Primary high explosive data objects are single cube blocks with a location and TNT-equivalent yield. Secondary high explosive data objects are single cube block with TNT-equivalent yield and located with and triggered by the damage of a structure subblock.

Primary/Secondary Vapor Cloud Data Objects

Primary vapor cloud data objects are composed of multiple vapor subcloud spheres with locations, sizes (masses, volumes), fuel type, and atmospheric conditions. Secondary vapor cloud data objects are single vapor subcloud spheres with a fuel type and located with and triggered by the damage of a structure subblock.

Sample Grid Data Objects

Sample grid data objects are XYZ grids of sample points to predict spatial distributions of over-pressure, dynamic-pressure, and impulse.

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