Modelers can utilize the ExDAM 3D Extend module to accelerate the structure development process and increase productivity and design efficiency. The 3D Extend module was developed to provide time-saving features to help modelers design and analyze the modeling scenario more quickly when investigating explosion impacts.

Import 2D and 3D Data Files

The 3D Extend module allows users to easily import 2D and 3D data files (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MicroStation, Sketchup, etc.) directly into BREEZE ExDAM and seamlessly edit the files. Terrain and building data can be imported in the following 3D file formats: 

  • .DXF or .DWG (AutoCAD)
  • .SHP (Esri shapefiles)
  • .STL (Stereo Lithography)
  • .OBJ (Wavefront)
  • .PLY (Standard Triangle Format)
  • .DEM or .HGT (Digital Elevation Model) terrain file formats

Importing terrain data files will make the terrain contours of the imported area clearly visible and these can be used to help model terrain features and their shielding effects in the model. After the data files are imported, users are provided with a variety of settings that can be used to make sure the file is imported correctly, properly georeferenced, and is correctly oriented with any other data files that are being used as input.

Terrain File Format Import - ExDAM 3D Extend


Modelers can slice a 3D AutoCAD file to get a floor plan or other two-dimensional image. With 3D Extend modelers also have the capability to divide the imported structure into the component blocks that are needed to model the structure in BREEZE ExDAM.

3D AutoCAD file Import - ExDAM 3D Extend


Import Structures from Text Files

Text files can also be used to import building information in BREEZE ExDAM using the 3D Extend module. The text files should contain the name, height, X&Y length of the building, orientation of the building if the building is not oriented north-south, and the XYZ coordinates of the bottom center of the building.

Import Structures from Esri Shapefiles

This feature allows buildings to be automatically added into ExDAM from Esri 3D building shapefiles. Hundreds of structures can be quickly created in ExDAM using an existing shapefile with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Esri 3D building shapefile - ExDAM 3D Extend


Import Detailed 3D Structures (DXF and Shapefiles)

The 3D Extend module includes a XY block contour function that enables users to create structures in ExDAM from 3D model files (such as DXF and shapefiles). Once the DXF or shapefile is imported, users have numerous options available to customize the details of how the automatic structure will be created. While the automated method is a powerful tool and can be very efficient, a manual method is also available to allow for more fine-grained control where needed. This feature allows any complex building to be drawn in as much detail as needed with much less time spent than with the traditional method in ExDAM.

Import Detailed 3D Structures - ExDAM 3D Extend Module

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