BREEZE ExDAM is a 3D explosion consequence modeling application designed for both macro-level and micro-level analysis. The streamlined interface, in conjunction with the advanced 3D graphical capabilities, dramatically simplifies model construction while significantly enhancing the display and presentation of results.

Read the release notes for the full list of features and bug fixes

  • New types of high explosive materials (requires HexDAM module) - Added high explosives with built-in relative effectiveness factors that relate an explosive's power to that of TNT
  • Vapor cloud explosion fuel properties calculator (requires VExDAM module) - New tool calculates a fuel's stoichiometric ratio, molecular weight, and net combustion energy required to define a vapor cloud explosion using the chemical molecular formula and the chemical standard enthalpy of formation
  • Performance improvements - Increased the software's available memory to allow processing of complex cases
  • Support Polylines (Requires 3D Extend module) - Support Polylines with bulges in AutoCAD drawing files
  • Compatibility Enhancement - Updated the software so it is fully compatible with Windows 10 Operating System

  • Compatible with modern Windows OS: XP, Vista, 7, and 8 on 32- or 64-bit platforms
  • Overhauled the BREEZE ExDAM start page with a new informative layout
  • Provides Microsoft® Office look and feel
  • Offers streamlined ribbon bar navigation and numerous tools for efficient model set-up and producing detailed results
  • Provide fully 3D interactive interface that pans, zooms, rotates, and handily performs context-driven operations
  • Ability to center/reset view, change perspective, and add backgrounds
  • Provides over 200 CAD-like key strokes and shortcuts
  • Offers skeleton and neat data tree to manage data objects
  • Import base maps or structure images
  • Present results in 2D/3D graphical and tabular formats
  • Import 2D/3D geometric data with DXF, SHP, STL, OBJ, PLY, and DEM formats as editable data objects

  • Automated shape functions for structure blocks' creation and positioning 

  • Import single block structures from text files

  • Stores previously designed ExDAM structures for use as templates
  • Provides numerous advanced tool tips for ‘mouse-over’ description of tabs, buttons, and tools
  • Calculate the blast overpressure and dynamic pressure due to high explosives based on TNT equivalency method
  • Calculate the blast overpressure and impulse due to vapor cloud explosions based TNO Multi-energy method
  • Calculate damage to structures and injury to personnel based upon empirical pressure-impulse (P-I) vulnerability data
  • Simulate blast wave propagation around structures and people, where objects closer to the blast act to shield the blast wave from other objects further away
  • Model secondary or sympathetic explosions triggered by damage or failure during primary blast and calculates additive damage/injury
  • Produce detailed results and advanced 3D graphical outputs in a fraction of the runtime
  • Access over 100 industry-standard building materials from the library
  • Provides option to modify existing and create new materials using BREEZE VASDIP
  • Access database of anatomical people that can be inserted into the model to determine injury
  • Compatible with previous BREEZE HExDAM and BREEZE VExDAM
  • Outputs overpressure, dynamic pressure, and damage/injury due to high explosives
  • Outputs overpressure, impulse, and damage/injury due to vapor cloud explosions
  • Presents group average/maximum pressure, impulse, and damage/injury in tables
  • Presents grid pressure and impulse results in 2D contouring planes, 3D iso-surface, and volume rendering (distribution ‘cloud’)
  • Presents block impulse and damage/injury in 3D color-coded blocks
  • Exports graphical results to clipboard or as image files
  • Exports tabular results to clipboard or as images/HTML files
  • Provides options to modify graphical and display settings
  • Offers robust color-coding options
  • Provides an advanced video capture tool

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