The way AERMOD sees buildings can be quite different from what one might expect. Complex building shapes are boiled down to a rectangular block, multiple nearby buildings are grouped together into one large structure, and all but one building is ignored by the model. BREEZE Downwash Analyst reveals in simple 3D images how AERMOD interprets your structures, including all of the elements described above. It also reads in AERMOD output and visualizes the role that building downwash is playing in your model results. In short, it gives you the knowledge you need to be the expert your client is looking for and the informed modeler regulatory agencies will respect and trust.

Read the release notes for the full list of features and bug fixes

  • Read in buildings and sources directly from BREEZE AERMOD
  • Visualize buildings, sources, and their downwash effects in 3D
  • View AERMOD/BPIP’s building calculations and overlay the building that AERMOD “sees” over the user-entered buildings
  • Calculate the Good Engineering Practice (GEP) stack height for each building
  • Calculate the overall (maximum) GEP stack height and display the building and wind direction that are responsible for it
  • Display the area around each building within which a stack will be affected by downwash
  • Read outputs from BREEZE AERMOD to visualize exactly what building downwash effects took place at each individual hour of a model run
  • Show which building will be used by AERMOD to calculate downwash effects for a given wind direction
  • Visualize AERMOD/BPIP’s building grouping

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