BREEZE 3D Analyst is a powerful post-processor that enables you to analyze and visualize data in time series, contour plots, and 3D isosurface and plane views; and to visualize the intersection / union of multiple data sets. It is useful for analyzing meteorological, terrain, and concentration data. Animated movies can be created for display in presentations and it is compatible with Golden Software's Surfer application and Google Earth.


The plotting and graphing features in 3D Analyst allow you to create great-looking plots of modeling results and raw datasets so that you can quickly analyze the data in both two and three dimensions. With BREEZE 3D Analyst, you can:

  • Create custom contour levels for an entire project or individual datasets
  • Customize all object properties to display only the results and objects you want to see
  • View data from every angle with 2D plane views, 3D surfaces, and slices of 3D data in the XY, XZ, and YZ planes
  • Plot data as a function of time and animate the time steps
  • Use your mouse to view real-time data interpolation between receptors
  • Plot data to Golden Software's Surfer application and Google Earth
  • Create 3D templates that can be loaded with future projects to quickly recreate three dimensional display views


3DAnalyst_Cube 1


3DAnalyst Cube 2

Data Manipulation

Not only can you display data, BREEZE 3D Analyst allows users to perform data manipulation simultaneously. Temporarily transform data with easy-to-use scaling and transformation tools to analyze how your results could change. You can also use the numerous tools to extract averages, percentiles, highs, and more all from a single dataset.

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