BREEZE CALPUFF improves productivity when conducting dispersion modeling assessments by providing users with many time-saving tools that result in seamless, time-efficient model runs. The careful design of BREEZE CALPUFF guides users through setting up even the most complicated modeling cases by streamlining all aspects of the modeling process, from the model setup to model execution to results analysis. BREEZE CALPUFF saves users time and money by minimizing duplicate data entry and data entry mistakes, and by providing numerous post-processing options that enables users to better visualize, understand, and analyze the modeling results.

Product Features:

  • Supports the latest U.S. EPA-approved version of the CALPUFF modeling system: CALPUFF Version 5.8.5, CALMET Version 5.8.5 and CALPOST Version 6.221
  • Supports one of the latest versions (version 6) of the Exponent® CALPUFF modeling system
  • Streamlines graphical user interface for more intuitive and easier dispersion modeling
  • Integrates with the BREEZE 3D Analyst post-processing program to provide users with a wealth of post-processing options
  • Offers ability to draw sources with CAD drawing tools
  • Offers ability to import model objects (e.g., buildings, sources, and receptors) from AERMOD/ISC input files

What's Included?

  • The complete CALPUFF modeling system: CALMET, CALPUFF, and CALPOST
  • A perpetual license of the software
  • One free year of technical support and maintenance (upgrades) for the registered user
  • BREEZE 3D Analyst for post-processing and graphical displays of results
  • Shipping & handling of a USB hardware key (required in order to access the software)

Price: $3,595.00

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