BREEZE AERSCREEN is a simple to use, intuitive screening air quality modeling system designed to streamline the setup, execution, and analysis of a model scenario without the complications associated with data entry via a DOS comand prompt window. There are only a few steps that need to be completed to setup, execute and analyze model results. Also, all of the model setup is done in a series of data entry tabs or in a model properties panel. 


Data Entry Forms

The data entry forms contain options and parameters associated with the various AERSCREEN data blocks. Setup of the various input files is done automatically and execution of the various Fortran programs (e.g., AERMOD, BPIPRM, AERMET) is seamless, streamlining the entire process and virtually eliminating the potential for costly errors.

AERSCREEN - Data Entry Form

Scenario and Model Properties

In addition to the data entry forms, BREEZE AERSCREEN allows for scenario settings to be set in a "Properties" panel. The Properties panel organizes data logically and displays all options in a single view. This panel is also dockable meaning that you can detach it from the main window and move it to where it is most convenient for you. When the panel is "docked", it can also be set to auto-hide.

 AERSCREEN Scenario Properties


Diagnostics and Problem Prevention

A diagnostics panel displays informational messages, warnings, and errors alerting users to potential problems with your scenario. Each message is preceded by a visual indicator to identify the severity of the alert. While informational and warning messages will not necessarily prevent a scenario from successfully completing, error messages indicate that if the run is executed, it will fail. Clicking on a message will take the user to the location within the application that trigged the message.


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