BREEZE AERSCREEN is a simple to use, intuitive screening air quality modeling system designed to streamline the setup, execution, and analysis of a model scenario without the complications associated with data entry via a DOS command prompt window. The following are some of the features BREEZE AERSCREEN modelers enjoy.

Read the release notes for the full list of features and bug fixes

  • Models a single source: point/stack (vertical, horizontal, capped), area (rectangular, circular), volume, flare
  • Automates receptor arrays
  • Automates BPIP model setup, execution, and importing
  • Calculates maximum 1-hour concentration at each modeled receptor
  • Conversion factors to estimate “worst-case” 3-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, and annual concentrations
  • Models single or multiple buildings
  • Measures in English or Metric units
  • Enhanced runtime display
  • Diagnoses scenarios with IntelliClick
  • Receives visual alerts during model set up displaying message severity (error vs. warning)
  • Built in “smart” file naming so users never overwrite results again
  • Compatible files for post processing and plotting high values in BREEZE 3D Analyst
  • Exports tabular results to Microsoft Excel format
  • Exports charts to .bmp, .jpg, or .png formats

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