To combat the increased runtimes observed with EPA's AERMOD, BREEZE created a parallel processing version to slash runtimes through the use of a distributed computer network (cluster) or multi-CPU environment. Our high performance applications produce pollutant concentration estimates identical to EPA's Fortran executable.  The only code changes to the application are additions to implement parallel features.  The applications run the exact algorithms but on different processors. 

There are two deployment options available for BREEZE AERMOD to users interested in parallel processing- local and remote resources. A two-core local parallel processing version is included in BREEZE AERMOD.


The local approach involves purchasing parallel software and determining how many processors are desired to run the software application. Improvements in the product’s performance enhancements are based directly on the number of CPUs (or cores) utilized. If a new octo-core computer is not in the budget, a computer cluster can simulate a single multi-core computer.


Alternatively, the BREEZE Remote Modeling System requires no proprietary software and runs on a massively parallel computer cluster managed by BREEZE Software. Users upload input files anytime (24/7), receive email notifications when model results are completed, and slash model runtimes up to 100 times faster!

U.S. EPA Equivalency

BREEZE developed AERMOD Parallel to significantly improve performance across multiple processors. As part of the product development process, equivalency testing was performed with hundreds of AERMOD model runs using both the AERMOD Fortran executable and the BREEZE AERMOD Parallel executables. Based on all completed test cases, modeling results generated by the BREEZE AERMOD Parallel are identical to those generated by the U.S. EPA AERMOD executables.

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