The Surface tab in AERMET allows surface data, typically from government weather stations, to be imported to AERMET. This includes 1-minute (AERMINUTE) wind data, which can easily be imported. When you specify a surface data file, AERMET will find the station in its internal database and fill in fields such as latitude and longitude automatically.

Wide Array of Data Types

AERMET supports a large number of surface meteorological data formats. Many standard archive formats, from the modern TD-3505 (ISHD) format to SAMSON, HUSWO, CD-144 (Card Deck 144), SCRAM, and TD-3280. Additionally, AERMET provides the unique capability to import meteorological data formatted for the ADMS model, making comparisons between AERMOD and ADMS easy. Additionally, AERMET combines the ability to import ADMS files with a mixing height estimation algorithm that allows AERMOD-ready data to be prepared even in parts of the world (such as the U.K.) that do not have the morning upper air sounding that AERMOD normally requires.

AERMET surface data screenshot

AERMINUTE and 1-Minute Wind Data (TD-6505) Integration

The AERMINUTE preprocessor, introduced in 2011, added a new level of sophistication and complexity to AERMOD meteorological data processing. With BREEZE AERMET, you can import your raw data and let AERMET run AERMINUTE seamlessly for you or you can import an AERMINUTE output file from a previous run. Either way, adding 1-minute wind data to your project can be done with a few clicks.

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