With the latest U.S. EPA model updates and a host of features designed to make met data processing more straightforward, BREEZE AERMET 7 gives you the power to easily create your own meteorological datasets and have confidence in the results. Whether tweaking land use characteristics or developing a new dataset that includes complex on-site observations, with AERMET 7, you can get the job done.

Read the release notes for the full list of features and bug fixes

  • Incorporates the latest U.S. EPA AERMET executable 18081, released on April 24, 2018
  • Adds an option for 64-bit operating system users to select 64-bit or 32-bit AERMET
  • Includes the latest U.S. EPA executables: AERMET 18081 and AERMINUTE 15272
  • Imports AERSURFACE files directly, making compliance with standard U.S. EPA land-use practices easy
  • Choose between letting AERMET calculate land use for you or manually inputting land use values into the redesigned Land Use interface, helpful for international users and U.S. users with state-specific land use requirements
  • Integrates raw 1-minute wind data automatically with the new AERMINUTE utility
  • Uses modular design to allow quick software updates when U.S. EPA model changes are released
  • Automates data quality checks with Quality Assurance tab
  • Improved network dongle efficiency
  • Follows modern Microsoft user-interface design standards that make AERMET processing intuitive
  • Hover over any check box, button, or blank for tooltips with helpful basic guidance and hints to help avoid common errors
  • Automatically checks every value you enter for basic mistakes.
  • Accidentally enter your longitude value in the latitude blank? AERMET 7 will highlight it in red to let you know something isn’t right.
  • Find the information you need with extensive, updated Help and in-program access to EPA user guides
  • Find and resolve problems in your AERMET runs easily with report and error/warning message displays
  • Supports onsite data in simple space-, tab-, or comma-separated value formats (Fortran FREE format)
  • Stores all project files in one ZIP file so you keep track of one file with everything in it instead of dozens of files
  • Converts U.K. ADMS model data into AERMOD-ready format
  • Processes a wide range of surface and upper air data types: ISHD (TD-3505), CD144, HUSWO, SAMSON, SCRAM, TD3280, ADMS, TD-6405 (1-minute ASOS), FSL, TD-6201
  • Includes MetView tool to help you evaluate/QAQC both raw and AERMOD-ready met data, visually and in table format
  • Allows AERMET to be applied worldwide, not just in U.S., thanks to sunrise-based sounding selection (subject to availability)
  • Adjust land use characteristics easily without setting up a full AERMET job with “Merge-only” mode feature

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