The BREEZE AERMOD Remote Modeling System executes the U.S. EPA AERMOD Fortran executable that has been parallelized for performance across multiple processors (AERMOD Parallel) by BREEZE developers. No changes to Fortran algorithms have been made.  In fact, results generated by the BRMS and BREEZE AERMOD Parallel are identical to those generated by the U.S. EPA AERMOD Fortran executable.

Users can easily combine the .amz project file with the .amr results file to view BRMS results in BREEZE AERMOD. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions in the Modeling Tip: How to Merge BREEZE Remote Modeling System's Results with the Local .AMZ File and View Results in BREEZE AERMOD.

The BRMS operates on a massively parallel computer cluster that harnesses the processing power of multiple multi-core computers. Multi-core computers have more than one processing unit (CPU) on a computer chip, and each core can be viewed as a separate computer capable of performing independent calculations. As such, by utilizing the BRMS to process the numerically intensive algorithms and data often associated with AERMOD, especially for large AERMOD model runs, modelers save valuable time and effort. For more information, read our modeling tip on how parallel processing can expedite large AERMOD model runs.

You can get an account to access the BREEZE Remote Modeling System by calling our Sales Team at +1 (972) 661-8100 or email us at  breeze@trinityconsultants.com.

There are a number of payment options:

  • Pay as you go - call or email us to purchase a one time use key.  You will be able to submit one model run to the system.  The run can be submitted from BREEZE AERMOD GIS Pro V6.2 or greater, or via a Web form.
  • Monthly invoicing - call or email us to sign up for monthly invoicing.  You will receive a key that allows you to make as many runs as you like.  At the end of each month, you will be provided an invoice detailing your charges.
  • Reserve time - There are times when you absolutely have to have model runs completed by a certain time.  Because there is the possibility that others submit there model runs ahead of yours, you may have to wait a period time before your model run completes. You may reserve a block of time in advance and be assured that the system is ready and available when you are.  This option requires a non-refundable payment of the cost to reserve half the scheduled period.  Once your model run or runs complete, you will be invoiced for the balance, if any.

Yes, we provide two free runs to first time users to better understand the submission process as well as the BRMS fees and runtimes that can be expected for similar model runs. Contact the BREEZE Sales Team at +1 972-661-8881 or breeze@trinityconsultants.com to try the BRMS and start saving valuable time.

The BRMS executes AERMOD model runs on a massively parallel computer cluster and as such provides the fastest possible results. The BRMS can also be an essential resource when exploring acceptable scenarios for large-scale AERMOD projects. Whether you are working on a time crunch or have very large AERMOD runs and need results quickly, the BRMS is a great option for increasing productivity and efficiency.