Mar 29, 2005

Since 1987, Trinity Consultants has been under contract to provide on-site meteorological support at the Pine Bluff (AR) Arsenal related to weather data collection and hazards analyses associated with the storage and disposal of chemical munitions.  On Tuesday, March 29, 2005, supported by Trinity meteorologists Erwin Prater and Lee Moody, the Army safely disposed of two M55 rockets filled with GB nerve agent at the Pine Bluff Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (PBCDF).  The destruction of the first chemical munitions was a milestone, culminating years of preparation to determine a safe, environmentally sound disposal process.

With expertise in air quality dispersion modeling and accidental release analysis, Trinity's meteorologists are particularly qualified to support the Army in its chemical weapons storage and disposal process.  Using meteorological data collected onsite and specialized air quality modeling software, the staff are able to estimate zones of impact related to possible accident scenarios.  The Army uses that data to determine transport and disposal procedures that minimize risk associated with those operations.  Going forward, Trinity will continue to provide meteorological data and modeling support as the Army disposes of munitions stored at the Pine Bluff Arsenal.

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