Jun 04, 2020

With BREEZE TankESP PRO or FX, users are able to create custom reports containing data that is of most interest to them. When creating the custom reports, users can conveniently apply row filters that allow them to specify which rows should be displayed in the report, and users can also sort and group the rows of the custom report as needed.

To create a custom report in BREEZE TankESP PRO or FX, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open BREEZE TankESP, click the Manage Report Types button, and then click the New button.

    TankESP_Custom Report_Manage Report Type

  2. Enter a descriptive name that has not been used already and then click the Create report and begin editing it button. This will open the Report Edit form which is where the report contents and format are specified.
  3. In the Row Filters Tab, users can specify criteria for certain fields or select a tank set as the filter in the report. For example, if you are only interested in the records with the total estimated emissions of more than 10 lb, you can add such a filter in the report. Furthermore, if you would only like to generate a report for certain tanks instead of for all the tanks, you can first group those tanks into a tank set in the Manage Tank Sets window, and then add the tank set filter in the report.
  4. In the Row Organization Tab, users can specify the manner in which the rows are to be sorted in the report. For example, you can have the rows organized by ascending Tank ID, ascending Start Date/Time, etc.
  5. In the Column Definitions Tab, users can select which columns (fields) should be included in the report. This tab also allows the users to add speciated emissions and liquid-phase profile in the report for the selected Chemical Set.

    TankESP_Custom Report_Column definitions

  6. In the Display Options Tab, users can select the formatting options to define how the report will appear in the Microsoft Excel file, including the display of the multiple service periods within the timespan of the report, the cell formatting, the display of the multiple columns for all time periods in the rolling reports, and the display of chemical attributes in the column headers. Additionally, users have the option to write the report data to an Excel file that was created previously.

    TankESP_Custom Report_Display Options

If you have questions when creating custom reports or when using BREEZE TankESP, please click the question mark button in the Admin area to access the user guide. You can also contact the BREEZE Support Team via email at support@trinityconsultants.com or by phone at +1 (972) 661-8881 ext. 4, and it will be our pleasure to assist you.