Mar 03, 2014

The BREEZE Remote Modeling System (BRMS) for AERMOD is a Web-enabled application that executes AERMOD model runs on a massively parallel computer cluster. Once a model run is started on the BRMS, results are returned in a fraction of the normal execution time (e.g., up to 100 times faster!).

With the BRMS you'll be able to complete what would normally take days or even weeks in only a few short minutes or hours. Imagine how much more productive you can be. Consider the benefits:

  • Get results back in a fraction of the time - up to 100x faster!
  • Upload input files anytime (24/7) directly from the BREEZE AERMOD interface
  • Receive email notifications when model results are completed
  • Conduct what-if analyses with ease


Special Offer

Utilize the processing power of the BRMS for free. Every user can submit TWO FREE runs!
This special offer is available through March 31, 2014.


Contact the BREEZE sales team to receive a BRMS key at

We look forward to serving your environmental software, data, and training needs, and as always, thank you for choosing BREEZE Software!