Jan 15, 2019

(Dallas, TX) - BREEZE®, the market-leading provider of EHS software used by environmental professionals worldwide, announces the release of the BREEZE TankESPTM Software Product Suite Version 5.0 for calculating air emissions from liquid storage tanks. The new version of BREEZE TankESP PRO enables users to estimate emissions using emission methods from either the latest draft version of EPA document AP-42: Compilation of Air Emission Factors or the pre-revision version of AP-42. It also resolves the technical deficiencies associated with EPA's TANKS 4.09d software and includes several additional technical enhancements, including the inclusion of three short-term emission calculation methods based on technical guidance from the American Petroleum Institute (technical report 2576) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (guidance documents APGD 6250 and APGD 6419).

TankESP also includes many time-saving features for environmental professionals, such as:

  • Accommodates mid-month changes in service
  • Allows for changes in tank construction, such as adding a dome roof to an open-top external floating-roof tank
  • Accounts for control efficiency when vapors are routed to a control device
  • Allows for reporting customization to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies

TankESP was created by renowned tank expert Robert L. (Rob) Ferry, Managing Consultant with Trinity Consultants. According to Rob Ferry, “We are very pleased to be releasing this enhanced version of TankESP as part of the BREEZE family of software products. BREEZE is well-known for helping environmental professionals to more quickly and effectively perform technical tasks and this version of TankESP is no exception. Users of this new version will be well-equipped to calculate emissions using EPA's new methodologies.”

The new BREEZE TankESP Software Product Suite is available in several formats to meet user needs. TankESP PRO is a comprehensive software suite with database features for calculating emissions from all types of tanks. TankESP FX is available for calculating emissions from fixed-roof tanks only (i.e., tanks without floating roofs), using only the AP-42 draft revision emission factors. Finally, TankESP LT calculates monthly and annual working and standing loss for both fixed- and floating-roof tanks, using the AP-42 draft revision emission factors.

BREEZE products are developed and distributed by Trinity Consultants and used by more than 4,000 environmental and safety professionals in more than 90 countries worldwide. For more information, visit breeze-software.com/software/TankESP or email breeze@trinityconsultants.com.