Jun 01, 2012

BREEZE Software offers powerful software solutions designed to meet the increasing risk and challenges faced by today's EHS, security, and engineering professionals. BREEZE Incident Analyst is an all-new product designed for industrial facilities to assess toxic, fire, and explosion threats for emergency response and risk management. The program includes a suite of scientific models developed, recommended, or recognized by the U.S. EPA. The intuitive Windows-based ribbon-bar GUI helps users determine source term conditions and model multiple sources simultaneously, create release scenarios fast through pre-developed site-specific templates, and present results in animated graphics and detailed technical reports.

More detailed impact assessment due to high explosives and vapor cloud explosions can be studied with the new BREEZE Explosion and Damage Assessment Modeling (ExDAM) program. It is designed to evaluate the potential damage to structures and injury to people inside or outside structures. It can predict blast damage to over 100 structure types/materials as well as user-defined structures, and blast injury to the individual parts of a human body at various positions. BREEZE ExDAM can also consider shielding effects, secondary explosions, and subdivision of structures. The program utilizes intuitive CAD-style operation and renders objects and results in realistic 3D graphics.

For more information, visit breeze-software.com or contact the BREEZE sales team at (972) 661-8881 and breeze@trinityconsultants.com.