Feb 19, 2013

Trinity's BREEZE Software team provides two powerful modeling software tools that enable environmental and safety professionals to analyze and prevent a variety of hazards. BREEZE Incident Analyst calculates toxic dispersion from dense or neutrally buoyant gases using the EPA-preferred DEGADIS, SLAB, INPUFF, and AFTOX models. The Source Term Wizard guides the user in parameterizing their scenario and can aid in dispersion model selection. Incident Analyst can also be used to calculate thermal radiation from pool fires, jet fires, and BLEVEs, and overpressure from explosions using the TNT Equivalency, Baker-Strehlow, and TNO Multi-Energy algorithms.

For more refined explosion analyses, BREEZE provides ExDAM, a one-of-a-kind, fully interactive, 3D explosion modeling suite. ExDAM incorporates the unique VEXDAM and HEXDAM algorithms to simulate damage to structures and injury to personnel from detonation of vapor clouds and high explosives. This explosion modeling package is unique in that it accounts for shielding effects, contains a database of anatomical people (man, woman, or child), and uses empirical pressure-impulse data to create vulnerability parameters used for damage and injury assessments. As compared to the time- and resource-intensive process required with CFD models, ExDAM streamlines model set-up while still providing stunning graphical displays and advanced analytical capabilities.

With both BREEZE Incident Analyst and ExDAM, EHS professionals will be well-equipped to perform risk management planning (RMP) and emergency response planning-especially where toxic chemical releases, fire, or explosion are of concern. To learn more, please email breeze@trinityconsultants.com.

BIA ExDAM Screenshots


This article was published in the Winter 2013 issue of Environmental Quarterly.

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