Oct 11, 2016

The BREEZE Remote Modeling System (BRMS) is a Web-enabled application that executes AERMOD model runs in a fraction of the time they take on a desktop computer, thereby assisting modelers in reducing model runtimes on large or highly time-sensitive AERMOD model runs. The BRMS operates on a massively parallel computer cluster that combines the processing power of multiple multi-core computers. As such, modelers can minimize model runtimes at a minimal cost using the high-speed parallel processing services offered by BREEZE. 

Modelers have the option to seamlessly submit their AERMOD runs to the BRMS through either their My BREEZE account or the BREEZE AERMOD interface. Once modelers have submitted the AERMOD model runs to the BRMS, email notifications will inform the users of the model run status and provide a link to the completed results. Modelers also have the option to login to their My BREEZE account to access the results. The AERMOD results are contained in a single, compressed file with the .amr file extension. Users may download the BRMS results using the link available in the email or from their My BREEZE account. 

Easily combine the .amz project file with the .amr results file to view BRMS results in BREEZE AERMOD by following the steps below: 

  1. Copy the .amr results file into the original project model folder that contains the .ami and .amz files for the model run. 
  3. In the Project tab, select the Project Tools menu and select BRMS Merger from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Click the “…” button beside the BRMS result file field and select the .amr file that you saved in the original project model folder. 
  5. Next, click the “…” button beside the AERMOD archive file field and select the corresponding .amz file. (Note: The names of the two files should be the same except for the file extension, similar to the screenshot shown below.)

    BRMS Merger .AMR .AMZ files - BREEZE AERMOD

  6. Verify that the default “To AMZ file” is selected in Output file option as shown in the screenshot above. Click Merge files.
  7. Once the merge completes, open the .amz file to view the results in BREEZE AERMOD and 3D Analyst. (Note: The Merge Tool takes all of the files in the .amr file and puts them inside the .amz file)

Once the merge is complete, the .amz file will provide modelers with the same results that would have been generated if the run were processed locally on their computer. The BRMS executes the U.S. EPA AERMOD Fortran executable that has been parallelized for performance across multiple processors by BREEZE developers. In other words, the AERMOD executable used retains all of the U.S. EPA AERMOD code, but adds code to allow AERMOD to run on multiple processor cores simultaneously, producing faster results. As such, results generated by the BRMS are identical to those generated by the U.S. EPA single-processor version of the AERMOD Fortran executable.

To learn more about high speed modeling options, contact the BREEZE Team at breeze@trinityconsultants.com or +1 (972) 661-8881.