May 01, 2013

BREEZE Software and Data can help you with both to complete your next project.

The BREEZE Data team consists of professional meteorologists, consultants, and senior modeling experts who can provide meteorological and terrain data for any location in the world. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of expertise and efficiency in processing data for your projects. Data offerings include:

  • Model-ready meteorological data for use in AERMOD, ADMS, CALMET, CALPUFF, CAL3QHCR, EDMS, ISC, MOVES, and OCD models
  • Raw surface or upper air data from our global network of meteorological stations (with our unique filling algorithm we can improve data quality)
  • Weather and climate summary data such as STAR, windroses, and climate means
  • Advanced meteorological modeling data using MM5 and WRF models customized for your project site
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data at 90 meter resolution for use in air quality models or GIS applications
  • National Elevation Dataset GeoTIFF (NED) data at 10, 30, or 90 meter resolution
  • Customized data to meet your specific project needs


Our expertise and extensive history in working with meteorological and terrain data make BREEZE the best choice for your data needs. Submit your data orders today by calling us at (972) 661-8881 or email us at