Jul 12, 2016

BREEZE Software is excited to release the highly anticipated ExDAM Version 8.6. Our team has been working to bring you updates requested from clients around the globe. ExDAM 8.6 enables you to design and analyze the modeling scenario more quickly to investigate explosion impacts. 

New 3D Extend Module

With the release of Version 8.6, we will also be introducing the brand-new BREEZE ExDAM 3D Extend module that allows users to import 2D and 3D files (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MicroStation, Sketchup, etc.). The 3D Extend module increases productivity and design efficiency by accelerating the structure development process. 

Version 8.6 Updates 

This update integrates significant time-saving features that streamline the complex structure development process and improve results analysis and documentation options. In this BREEZE ExDAM 8.6 update, you'll find: 

  • 2D and 3D Data Import Functions (requires 3D Extend module) - Import geometric data with 2D and 3D vector/polygon data file formats 
  • XY Contour Blocks Editing - Use manual editing mode to quickly create a series of connected blocks along a contour line on an XY plane 
  • Structures from Esri Shapefiles (requires 3D Extend module) - Automatically create and position structure blocks when Esri 3D building files are imported

  Introducing BREEZE ExDAM 8.6 and ExDAM 3D Extend Module

Read the BREEZE ExDAM 8.6 release notes for a complete list of features. 

Check out the new video tutorials on the following topics:

  • Import Structures from Esri Shapefiles (.shp) - 3D Extend Module
  • Create Detailed 3D Structures XY Block Contour Function - 3D Extend Module
  • Import 3D Data Files - 3D Extend Module


In the early 1980s, Trinity Consultants pioneered the development of advanced air dispersion modeling software designed to help environmental professionals perform air quality studies. Today, thousands of environmental professionals in more than 90 countries use BREEZE software to model the dispersion of air emissions as well as fires and explosions. Our commitment to continuous product improvement and expert technical support remains vital to making BREEZE the standard in modeling software. In addition to developing and providing market-leading air dispersion modeling software, BREEZE also offers quality-assured meteorological data for a variety of modeling scenarios. 

For more information on BREEZE ExDAM, visit breeze-software.com/software/ExDAM or email breeze@trinityconsultants.com.