Oct 25, 2016

It's finally here! We are eager to introduce HExFRAG, the high explosive fragmentation module of ExDAM. This module will enable modelers to compute secondary injuries caused by fragmentation using the results of an individual explosion generated by the HExDAM module of BREEZE ExDAM

The HExFRAG module enhances the high explosive modeling capability of HExDAM by providing users with the ability to account for secondary fragmentation injuries, which are caused by damage to frangible materials (e.g., flying glass from a broken window). The module is designed to provide an advanced analysis of a high explosive scenario where the effectiveness of blast shields and other objects are taken into consideration.

Unique Features of the HExFRAG Module 

  • Simulate fragmentation analyses for frangible materials in high explosive model scenarios 
  • Define custom materials for fragmentation simulations
  • Display advanced 2D and 3D graphical and tabular results including color-coded injury to personnel

  HExFRAG fragmentation module   

View the HExFRAG module product tour page for more details.

About BREEZE  

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