Aug 01, 2017

Construction Informatics and Consultancy JSC (CIC), a leading provider of construction consultancy services in Vietnam, jointly announced in May a strategic partnership with BREEZE, the market-leading air dispersion modeling software used by environmental, health and safety professionals around the world.

This partnership between BREEZE and CIC will allow EHS professionals in Vietnam to further utilize the expertise of BREEZE's environmental software and consultancy services. BREEZE's commitment to continuous product improvement and expert technical support remains vital to making BREEZE the standard in EHS modeling software and specialized consulting services. CIC, with their 26 years of experience, will be able to provide insights from their knowledge of the Vietnam environmental and construction market and industry. Combining deep customer insights across many industries and the superior technical proficiency and expertise in modeling, this partnership will bring new channel and networking opportunities to both BREEZE and CIC and pave the way for new customers looking for EHS services in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ha, General Director of CIC, commented: "BREEZE Software is a leading manufacturer of air dispersion modeling software, and we hope that the cooperation between CIC and BREEZE will be successful. Thus promoting the application of these advanced modeling software in government organizations, universities, research institutes, consulting companies about the environmental industry in Vietnam"

“Construction Informatics and Consultancy JSC (CIC) is a distinguished company in Vietnam, providing products and services to professionals for the past 26 years to best serve the environmental and construction needs of their clients. We are thrilled to be partnering with CIC and look forward to working closely together to make BREEZE's advanced EHS modeling software and services more readily available to the growing environmental industry in Vietnam.” said Dr. Weiping Dai, Director of BREEZE Software and China Operations. 

This partnership is a valuable addition to BREEZE'S existing Global Alliance Partnership Program, through which BREEZE and its esteemed partners ensure BREEZE's air dispersion, fire, and explosion modeling software products and services are readily available and easily accessible to professionals globally.


For almost 30 years, BREEZE has assisted environmental, hazard and safety professionals worldwide with assessing the impacts of air emissions, fires, and explosions while also providing model-ready meteorological and terrain data and instructing a range of courses on model fundamentals and real world applications. Today, BREEZE software products are being used by over 4,000 professionals in 90 countries worldwide to assess the impacts of air emissions, fires, and explosions.

About CIC

Construction Informatics and Consultancy JSC (CIC), as Ministry of Construction IT Center established on 27th November, 1990, perform the following functions: information technology application throughout the construction industry for the management.


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