Jun 16, 2009

BREEZE® Software introduces BREEZE Risk Analyst, human health and ecological risk assessment software. BREEZE Risk Analyst can be used to conduct GIS-based analyses of multi-pathway human health risk assessments or food-web based ecological risk assessment modeling. The application provides the framework for conducting risk assessment modeling for both regulatory and non-regulatory applications, including:

  • Air monitoring health impact analysis
  • Air toxics risk assessment
  • Community-based cumulative risk assessment programs
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • HHRAP - RCRA hazardous waste combustion permitting
  • Toxic tort and odor/nuisance litigation
  • Air toxics permitting
  • Air toxics risk assessment library methodologies
  • Cumulative risk
  • Environmental justice
  • Residual risk

The BREEZE Risk Analyst system can be enhanced with the addition of individual risk modules. These modules are designed to support a specific regulatory program or non-regulatory application through the implementation of specific risk assessment methodologies; supporting fate, transport, and exposure equations; and chemical parameter databases. The U.S. EPA Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP) module is the first available module for integration with BREEZE Risk Analyst.  Future module development will focus on risk modeling components of programs such as: TRIM, HARP, HAPEM4, HEM-3, SLERAP, and RAGS.  BREEZE Risk Analyst is available in two application formats including a standalone application with fully integrated GIS capabilities or as an Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcView™ Extension. Learn more about BREEZE Risk Analyst at breeze-software.com/RiskAnalyst.

BREEZE Software is recognized as the market-leading air dispersion modeling software that is used by environmental professionals around the world. The same tools and functionality BREEZE provides in its air, fire, and explosion modeling software will now benefit the risk assessment modeling community.

BREEZE products are developed and distributed by Trinity Consultants, an environmental consulting firm with extensive expertise in dispersion modeling. BREEZE air dispersion, fire, and explosion modeling software are used by more than 4,000 EH&S professionals in 70 countries worldwide. For more information on BREEZE products, visit breeze-software.com.