Sep 14, 2017

Computer Modelling in Large-Scale Incidents_CRJ 2017BREEZE Software is featured in the Crisis Response Journal (CRJ) article titled “Computer modelling in large-scale incidents” that was published in September 2017. In this article the author, Dr. Friedrich Steinhäusler, examines how 3D modeling of people, vehicles, weapons, explosions and the release of toxic materials can help first responders - both in training and during actual events.
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Journal: Crisis Response Journal 
Publication: Vol: 12 | Issue: 4 | August 2017 
Article: Computer modelling in large-scale incidents
Author: FRIEDRICH STEINHÄUSLER is Emeritus Professor of Physics and Biophysics at the University of Salzburg and Technical Director of the International Security Competence Centre Inc (Austria). He is responsible for risk assessment and crisis management in several EU and NATO research activities (;; Dr. Steinhäusler is Work Package Leader in the Target Project.