Feb 05, 2016

BREEZE Software presented the following paper at the Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center International Symposium in College Station, TX on October 29, 2015, where experts from all around the world gathered to discuss critical issues of research in process safety. 

Large Scale VCE Consequence Modeling for Industrial Facility Siting, Risk Assessment, Hazard Mitigation Design, and Response Planning

Tuesday, October 29, 2015 

In this paper, the Vapor Cloud Explosion Damage Assessment (VExDAM) module in BREEZE ExDAM is used to demonstrate a high speed 3D modeling technique that can quickly: 1. Generate 3D models of large-scale chemical/-petroleum facilities with hundreds of building structures, hundreds of release locations, and hundreds of congestion zones 2. Simulate, display, and document the consequences of individual release scenarios involving a subset of congestion zones within a single plume geometry 3. Compute, display, and document the maximum consequence levels resulting from explosions at all identified congestion zones.