Jan 23, 2014

BREEZE®, the market-leading air dispersion modeling software used by environmental professionals around the world, released a new version of its AERMOD air dispersion modeling software. This new version includes the updated 13350 U. S. EPA executable, released December 24, 2013, that provides new, state-of-the-science tools for modeling NO2. BREEZE AERMOD Version 7.8 includes new features that:

  • Integrate the U.S. EPA version 13350, including high-speed parallel and BREEZE-enhanced executables
  • Incorporate the Ambient Ratio Method (ARM) and ARM2 for NO2 modeling
  • Add several new output file types to examine results of the Ozone Limiting Method (OLM), ARM, ARM2, and PRIME building downwash components
  • Improve the Results Summary tool to include all pollutant types and averaging periods, including the new U.S. NAAQS standards (e.g. 1-hour SO2 and NO2 results and 24-hour PM2.5 results)
  • Import and view Shapefile attributes
  • Open .AMZ files directly with BREEZE AERMOD
  • Improve installation speed for some users
  • Preserve U.S. EPA AERMOD versions 12345, 12060, 09292, and 07026 compatibility


BREEZE AERMOD offers more functionality and innovative features—all designed to enhance productivity for air quality analyses. Our software is designed to be easy to learn and use because it adheres to Microsoft® development standards for intuitive, uniform graphical user interfaces, and features standardized toolbars, views, menus, commands, and dialog boxes.

BREEZE products are developed and distributed by Trinity Consultants, an environmental consulting firm with extensive expertise in dispersion modeling. More than 4,000 environmental and safety professionals in 80 countries worldwide use BREEZE Software to predict the impacts resulting from air emissions, fires, and explosions. For more information on BREEZE AERMOD 7.8, visit breeze-software.com/AERMOD or email breeze@breeze-software.com.