Apr 25, 2016

BREEZE Software presented the following paper at the AWMA Guideline on Air Quality Models: The New Path on April 12, 2016. Environmental professionals from around the world gathered to discuss subjects related to the U.S. EPA’s Guideline on Air Quality Models (40CFR Part 51 Appendix W), which is required for use in the U.S. when preparing state implementation plans, federal construction permits, and state permits.

A Comparison Study in Response to the Proposed Replacement of CALINE3 with AERMOD in Appendix W 

This paper compares AERMOD with CALINE3-based models and RLINE 9 (a research model specifically for roadway sources developed by U.S. EPA’s Office of Research and Development) using a field study conducted in downtown Los Angeles in 2008. The evaluation supports the proposed replacement when AERMOD is executed with onsite meteorological data.