Why Choose BREEZE

97% Customer Satisfaction Rate

We are honored and humbled to report that for the third year in a row, BREEZE has achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate. We strive to exceed our client's expectations in every facet of our business by providing unmatched technical support, responsiveness, technical proficiency, regulatory expertise, and decades of experience. Our success is based on this commitment to client satisfaction achieved through exceptional work performed with utmost professionalism. Check out our customer testimonials of our various software products and services.

Reliable Software

BREEZE is committed to quality assurance and continuous improvement for our work products. Being part of an ISO-certified company, our software programs adhere to strict development practices and undergo extensive quality assurance and quality control testing before any new version is released. The result: market-leading software programs that are known worldwide for their reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Undeniable Value

As a division of Trinity Consultants, our programs are used extensively by not only our thousands of clients worldwide, but by our colleagues within the company who need the software for their own projects. This is greatly to our benefit because we receive feedback from both clients and colleagues which we use to continuously update and improve our software programs to ensure we are delivering the best products on the market. Being a part of Trinity Consultants also gives us access to hundreds of subject matter experts on a daily basis who we can collaborate with as needed to best serve the needs of our clients; something that you won't find anywhere else and that our clients greatly benefit from!

Turnkey Support

BREEZE is uniquely qualified to provide the range of offerings that we do, and we're able to do this using our team's extensive knowledge about everything from air dispersion, accidental release, and explosion modeling, to atmospheric science and meteorology, to computer science and web and database development, to conducting tank emissions calculations. This enables us to not only develop and sell market-leading EHS software programs, but also offer a range of related services including processing site-specific model-ready meteorological and terrain data, instructing custom and off-the-shelf training worldwide, and assisting our clients on a consulting basis with their own projects. As such, the offerings provided by BREEZE staff to BREEZE Software users is not only based on the knowledge of the software or service for selling purposes, but it is based on extensive past experience working on projects worldwide and assisting users with a variety of EHS needs. Whether you need EHS software, site-specific model-ready data to use with your software, or assistance with modeling a complex scenario, BREEZE has you covered!

Global Support

The BREEZE Support Team, which consists of staff meteorologists (CCM's), environmental engineers (PE's), and modeling experts (PhD's), assists clients worldwide with their technical support inquiries. Their expertise ranges from knowing and understanding the meteorological processes that are incorporated into the software, to the coded language which is the backbone of our BREEZE Software programs. Additionally, our Global Partners that represent BREEZE in 25+ countries offer support to their clients locally. From the moment you make your purchase, no matter what inquiries you run into, our team will be able to answer any and all questions in a very quick and effective manner.

BREEZE Customers MapInternational Presence

Since our debut in 1987, BREEZE has focused its efforts on catering to and supporting clients not only in the US, but around the world. Today, BREEZE Software is used by over 4,000 EHS professionals in 95+ countries, and every year we add more new countries to this list.


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