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BREEZE ExDAM - Product Overview and West, Texas Case Study
This webinar introduces BREEZE ExDAM, a unique and advanced explosion consequence modeling software tool. ExDAM uses both the HEXDAM (for TNT explosions) and VEXDAM (for vapor cloud explosions) models to simulate damage to structures and injury to personnel. The sleek software interface is fully interactive and 3D, which enables the user to quickly set up, execute, and analyze intricate explosion scenarios.
Jun 04, 2013
The BREEZE AERSCREEN graphical user interface is used to demonstrate the feature of this model, which is intended to replace the U.S. EPA SCREEN3 model for determining worst case pollutant concentrations from a single industrial source.
Feb 24, 2011
BREEZE Risk Analyst
See Risk Analyst - Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment Modeling Suite, the newest product available from BREEZE Software.
Jul 21, 2009
BREEZE MetView / Windrose
This Webinar presents an overview of the BREEZE MetView product that is capable of analyzing different meteorological data formats. This demonstration covers some new enhancements to the MetView program including: appending files, creating custom data roses, and new file archiving.
Apr 14, 2009
BREEZE AERMOD 7 - An Overview
Feb 26, 2009

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