Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

We provide customized on-site training that can include topics such as:

  • Air dispersion modeling theory
  • Selection of appropriate models
  • Comprehensive training on individual models
  • Using BREEZE to enhance your modeling productivity
  • Processing meteorological data for modeling

Custom training is particularly well suited when an organization's objectives include:

  • Minimizing travel time and expense
  • Training multiple staff
  • Improving consistency in modeling practices
  • Addressing sensitive issues in a private setting

Contact us and let us help you design a customized training solution that meets your specific business needs.


"Being a teacher myself, I think I appreciated most, the efforts made by the instructor to ensure that each of us learned - despite our different backgrounds and familiarity with the software."

"Good, knowledgeable instructor who took time to answer our questions."

"I thought the training manual was well prepared and liked how the instructor followed the material."

Our Instructors

Our instructors are selected based on their unique experience and extensive knowledge of the course topics. Although our courses are intensive, our instructors work hard to ensure a highly interactive learning environment where attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share experiences. Our course manuals are comprehensive, including valuable resource documents as well as the presentation materials.