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General Information

What resources are available to help me evaluate your software?

In addition to the online resources listed below, contact BREEZE to set up a live demo for a more customized evaluation:

  • Watch product overview videos and tutorials in the Video section of our software product pages
  • Browse the Product Tour section of our software pages for specific product details
  • Find user guides and technical papers in the Library section of our software pages

Which software version am I using?

To locate the version number of your BREEZE Software product, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the BREEZE Application button at the top left corner of your BREEZE product
  2. Click the About button
  3. The software version appears to the right of the BREEZE logo

BREEZE Product Version Screenshot

To locate the version number of your BREEZE ROADS and LFG Fire/Risk Software product, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Help drop down menu in the main menu 
  2. Click the About button 
  3. The software version appears to the right of the BREEZE logo

ROADS - About



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, wire transfers, and check. We also accept purchase orders with net 30 day payment terms. 

What does my software purchase include?

Your purchase of a BREEZE Software product includes one (1) year of maintenance including software upgrades and one (1) year of technical support.

Are there shipping and handling costs for software purchases?

Most of our software is delivered online through your My BREEZE account. Some of our products utilize a USB hardware key unlocking system (e.g., BREEZE Incident Analyst, ExDAM, CALPUFF, and Risk Analyst), which require a USB hardware key to be shipped to you. All shipping and handling costs are included in your software purchase.

Do you offer education pricing on your software products?

Yes, a student or staff member at an accredited educational institution can purchase BREEZE products at a 50% academic discount for educational and research purposes only. We ask that eligible users provide a signed letter on university letterhead stating the intended uses of the software products.

Request Education Discount


What type of software licenses do you offer?

BREEZE offers the following license types:

  • Perpetual / Single – allows the customer to own the product indefinitely.
  • Lease – allows the customer to use the software for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Enterprise or Site – available to organizations who expect that five or more users will need to use the software simultaneously and as a result need to purchase five or more licenses. Both Enterprise and Site licensing will provide a hefty discount for this purchase of multiple licenses.

Do you offer a network software license?

Yes, we offer a network license through a floating licensing system. With this floating licensing system, you will receive one USB network key that contains your software license. When a network key is plugged in a server computer (whether a Windows Server machine or a desktop that you designate as the "server" machine), multiple people can run the program by connecting to the key through the network. The number of people that can run the program simultaneously depends on the number of licenses available on the network key.

Network licenses will be an additional $100 USD (in addition to the price of the software) for shipping and handling of the USB hardware key.

Order a Network License

Do you offer a discount when purchasing more than one license?

Yes, we offer discounts when multiple licenses are purchased within the same transaction. With the Multiple License Discount, the first license is purchased at full price and each additional license purchased within that transaction (of that specific software program) will be discounted 50% off the cost of the first license. If more than five licenses are needed, we offer Site and Enterprise volume discounts that are even heftier than the aforementioned 50% Multiple License Discount. 

Request a Software Quote

Are there ongoing or annual licensing fees required after a software purchase?

Your software purchase includes a perpetual license of our software, which allows the customer to own the product indefinitely. Each software purchase includes one (1) year of maintenance and one (1) year of support. Once this first year of maintenance and support expires, you will have the option to renew your software maintenance to continue to have access to the latest software version and technical support.

BREEZE Software is licensed per user, so what does "per user" mean?

One license may only be used on one computer at a time, however, one license may be downloaded and installed on multiple computers. This includes home and work, or a laptop and desktop.

Can I use one license of my BREEZE Software simultaneously on two computers?

No, you can can install the application on multiple computers, however, one license may only be used on one computer at a time. Read the end user license agreement for more information.

How do I move my license from one computer to another computer?

For BREEZE AERMOD, 3D Analyst, AERSCREEN, AERMET, Downwash Analyst, and MetView please follow the steps below:

  1. Run the program as an Administrator
  2. Open the software application on your old computer
  3. Click the BREEZE Application button at the top left corner of your BREEZE product and choose License Manager
  4. In the dialog box, navigate to the Automated License Management Tab
  5. Select your key and click Release (Note: A “0” under Available Licenses indicates that the license is currently unlocked on a computer. Once you select that license and click the Release button, this license will be released and can be retrieved on the other computer.)

    BREEZE Release License Screenshot 

  6. On your new computer, open your BREEZE application
  7. Click the BREEZE Application button and choose License Manager
  8. In the dialog box, navigate to the Automated License Management Tab
  9. Enter your Customer ID and Email Address and click Apply to see your licenses
  10. Select an appropriate license and click Retrieve to use the license

How many installations can be performed per license?

You may download and install any BREEZE application to as many computers as you would like – there is no limit to the number of installations that may be performed. However, only one license may be unlocked on one computer at a time. As such, if the software is unlocked on one computer and you would like to activate it on a second computer, you would need to release the license from the first computer then activate it on the second computer.

For products that utilize a USB hardware key, unplug the dongle from one computer and plug it into the second computer to begin using the software on another machine.

Updates and Maintenance

How can I keep my BREEZE software up to date?

If you have valid maintenance on your BREEZE software, you can download the latest version from your My BREEZE account. If you do not have valid maintenance, please contact the BREEZE Sales team to renew your software maintenance so that you regain access to the latest versions of your software and access to the BREEZE Support team. 

Subscribe to receive e-mail notifications of software upgrades.

Request a Maintenance Quote

Why are software updates necessary?

BREEZE updates its software products, enhances their functionalities, and fixes bugs on a regular basis. The best way to take advantage of these improvements is to always use the most recent version of the software.

How can I be notified when a new software update is available?

To receive the latest news and updates for your BREEZE Software, please subscribe to our emails.

How do I download the latest version of my software?

If you have valid maintenance, login to your My BREEZE account to download the latest version of your software. Once logged in, click on Downloads to select the program to download and install to your computer.

Why should I purchase maintenance?

All new software purchases include one (1) year of maintenance and one (1) year of technical support. Once this first year of maintenance and support expires, you will have the option to renew your software maintenance to continue to have access to the latest software versions and technical support.

If you chose to not renew the maintenance, you will still be able to use your software but will lose access to software version updates and technical support. As such, we recommend that all users keep their maintenance up to date.

Do I need to renew maintenance on my software in order to keep using the software?

You do not need to renew maintenance on your software in order to keep using the software. The software purchase includes a perpetual license of the BREEZE Software that allows the customer to own the product indefinitely.

What should I do if maintenance for my software has expired?

Contact BREEZE at +1 972 661 8881 or for a quote to renew the maintenance on your BREEZE software.


How do I contact the BREEZE Support Team?

You can contact the BREEZE Support Team in three ways:

Support requests are usually answered within 24 business hours.

How do I replace a lost USB hardware key?

Some BREEZE software products are licensed using a hardware key (also known as a hardware dongle). This hardware key is required to be attached to your computer for proper use of the software application. The replacement fee for lost hardware keys is 80% of the retail price of the software. As a result, care should be taken to ensure the hardware key is always kept in a safe location. BREEZE will provide a replacement at no charge if the hardware key is found to be defective.

Request a Replacement Hardware Key

Why does my USB hardware key not work?

The USB hardware key has a green LED indicator on the device that indicates when it is functioning properly. If the indicator does not turn green when the USB hardware key is plugged in, please download the driver and reinstall it.

If this does not fix the problem, please contact BREEZE at In most cases, we will be able to resolve the matter and get your dongle working again. If the matter cannot be resolved, a replacement key will be issued.

Technical Issues

How do I run BREEZE Software products as an Administrator?

  1. In Windows 7, 8, or 10, exit the application
  2. Right click on the shortcut icon and select Properties

    BREEZE Shortcut Icon Properties Screenshot
  3. Navigate to the Compatibility Tab
  4. In the Privilege Level group, check "Run this program as an administrator"

    BREEZE Run Program As Administrator Screenshot
  5. Click Apply and then OK

Services - Data

What types of data can I purchase from BREEZE?

Data formats include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • AERMOD-ready
  • AERMET-ready
  • CALPUFF-ready
  • CALMET-ready
  • Raw surface (CD-144)
  • Raw upper air (FSL)
  • Filled surface (CD-144)
  • Filled upper air (FSL)
  • ADMS-ready
  • EDMS-ready
  • ISCST3-ready
  • CAL3QHCR-ready
  • CAMx-ready
  • CMAQ-ready

How can I request a quote for AERMOD-ready data?

Please send AERMOD-ready data requests to and include the following information:

  • Format (AERMOD- or ISC-ready)
  • Executable version of the model
  • Facility or site location (latitude/longitude coordinates, UTM/zone coordinates, or a nearby city)
  • Number of years you would like to model (2007-2012)

Once we receive this information, we can assess your site's data quality and provide a quote.

How can I request a quote for CALPUFF-ready data?

Please send CALPUFF-ready data requests to and include the following information:

  • Model domain location and size (required to find how many observational stations are available)
  • Met Data Grid resolution
  • Use of WRF or MM5 data

Once we receive this information, we can assess your site's data quality and provide a quote.

Services - Training

What kind of training do you offer on your software products?

BREEZE offers training courses on air dispersion modeling and environmental topics to environmental, health, and safety professionals. View our upcoming training courses.

In addition to these regularly scheduled courses, we also provide custom training. Custom training courses can be held our location in Dallas, Texas, your office location, or a nearby training facility and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We also offer online custom training courses.

Request a Custom Training Quote

Product Specific - BREEZE Risk Analyst

How do I install the free version of Ersi ArcGIS Explorer for use with BREEZE Risk Analyst?

BREEZE Risk Analyst is an add-in for Esri ArcGIS Explorer (sold separately). A free version of Esri ArcGIS Explorer can be downloaded and used to access Risk Analyst.

  1. Download and install BREEZE Risk Analyst
  2. Download and install Ersi ArcGIS Explorer
  3. Open the ArcGIS Explorer application
  4. ArcGIS Explorer it will automatically recognize BREEZE Risk Analyst under the Add-Ins Tab
  5. Select Risk Analyst to run the application

Risk Analyst ArcGIS Explorer Screenshot

Product Specific - BREEZE ExDAM

How does ExDAM account for shielding effects?

The shielding algorithm in ExDAM involves the use of finite line doublets from potential theory. Each structure/component is characterized by its three dimensions and orientation. For shielding effects, the direction of the blast wave is taken into account relative to the orientation of the shielding structure/component. The shielding factor is computed from potential functions based on the finite line doublets, and the pressure reduction is further computed from the shielding factor.

Does ExDAM compute secondary explosions?

Yes. Each structure component is considered a source of a secondary explosion if it is damaged above a certain threshold. Secondary explosions produce collateral effects in the form of increased damage levels to nearby structures.

How does ExDAM account for pulse duration effects from high explosive?

As the explosive yield increases, the corresponding pulse duration also increases. For a specified overpressure or dynamic pressure level, the longer the pulse duration the greater the damage. For a fixed scaled distance, (distance/yield)1/3, the overpressure or dynamic pressure is essentially independent of yield. Because of the effect of pulse duration, however, the damage level remains dependent on yield and will increase as yield increases. Structures/components which are classified as "Q" type are more sensitive to this effect than are "P" type structures/components. For each structure/component, two pulse duration factors (with values ranging from 0 to 10) are assigned, corresponding to moderate and severe damage. For "P" type structures/components the pulse duration factors are on the order of 2.5 while for "Q" type structures/components the factors are on the order of 8. Each structure component is also assigned levels of overpressure (Pm and Ps), or dynamic pressure (Qm and Qs), corresponding to moderate and severe damage, along with a fixed reference yield.

The actual yield used in an individual test case is an input variable, and will generally differ from the fixed reference yield. The pulse duration factor, the yield, and the reference yield determine the R-factor which connects the moderate and severe damages with this difference in yield.

How does ExDAM compute damage/injury levels due to high explosives?

Damage/injury level computations are based on the incident pressure, either peak overpressure or peak dynamic pressure, which would occur at a distance from the burst point corresponding to the centroid of each structure/component, as projected into the horizontal plane at ground level. Such pressures are adjusted to take into account shielding and collateral effects. The dimensions and orientations of the structures/components do not directly affect the calculations.

How do I setup blast characteristics? Is there any pre-defined module to put together an explosion scenario?

Users can specify vapor cloud explosion and high explosive parameters in corresponding tabs within BREEZE ExDAM software. For high explosive, users need to specify the TNT-equivalent yield (mass) and location; for vapor cloud explosion, users need to specify the fuel type, vapor cloud size and location, atmospheric temperature and pressure, and explosion strength (1-10). If the fuel type is user-defined, users need to specify molecular weight, stoichiometric mixing ratio (by volume), and net combustion energy.

BREEZE ExDAM has a fuel type database which contains molecular weight, stoichiometric mixing ratio and net combustion energy for common materials; it provides three high explosive examples and three vapor cloud explosion example. With little training and practice, users will be able to do a full explosion scenario easily.

Can ExDAM handle detonation vs deflagration modeling?

BREEZE ExDAM uses the TNO Multi-Energy method for vapor cloud explosions. This involves selecting an ‘Explosion Strength’ which distinguishes a deflagration from a detonation. The method is based on a numerical simulation of a blast wave from a centrally ignited spherical cloud with constant velocity flames.

For a detonating cloud, explosion strength 10 can be used. For explosion strengths 1-9, the pressure profile is a deflagration. For explosion strengths 6-9 as the blast propagates away from the centre of the explosion, the gradient at the front will steepen and eventually become a shock wave, like the blast from a TNT charge.

How complete are the fuel air mixture options for vapor cloud explosion?

There are 15 pre-defined fuels with fuel-air mixture volume ratio corresponding to stoichiometric composition. Users can choose a user-defined fuel type by specifying molecular weight, fuel-air mixing ratio, and the net combustion energy.

What kinds of construction material options are available in library? Can we add more?

BREEZE ExDAM includes 123 master structure materials and 19 human body component materials. Users can also create custom materials.

Where can I get P-I data?

Contact BREEZE at +1 (972) 661-8881 or for a quote on P-I data.

Contact Support

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Support inquiries are handled between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Maintenance and Support Agreements

  • Included for one (1) year with all BREEZE Software product purchases
  • Includes all regulatory updates, which are immediately incorporated into our BREEZE Software products as they are released from the U.S. EPA, or other controlling agency
  • Access to BREEZE Software proprietary enhancements, including increased functionality and capabilities
  • Handling of any issues that are confronted by customers (i.e. minor bugs)
  • Complete technical support beneath the realm of consulting services
  • Consistent availability and prompt reply time for all inquiries


Our Maintenance and Support Agreements are on annual terms. For more information, please see our end user license agreement.

Lapsed maintenance is priced at the then-current software license fee plus back maintenance, plus 10%. The annual maintenance period begins on the date of subscription.