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Building downwash effects in AERMOD can be both mysterious and counter-intuitive. BREEZE Downwash Analyst takes the cryptic numerical results of AERMOD’s BPIP building pre-processor and displays them in the clearest way possible. BREEZE Downwash Analyst takes the mystery out of building downwash and gives you a deeper understanding of your model results, making it an essential tool for any serious AERMOD user.

Key Features
  • Read in buildings and sources directly from BREEZE AERMOD
  • Visualize buildings, sources, and their downwash effects in 3D
  • View AERMOD/BPIP’s building calculations and overlay the building that AERMOD “sees” over the user-entered buildings
  • Calculate the Good Engineering Practice (GEP) stack height for each building
  • Calculate the overall (maximum) GEP stack height and display the building and wind direction that are responsible for it
  • Display the area around each building within which a stack will be affected by downwash
  • Read outputs from BREEZE AERMOD to visualize exactly what building downwash effects took place at each individual hour of a model run
  • Show which building will be used by AERMOD to calculate downwash effects for a given wind direction
  • Visualize AERMOD/BPIP’s building grouping
Product Tour

The BPIP and PRIME building downwash algorithms are one of the biggest sources of confusion and unexpected results for AERMOD users. BREEZE Downwash Analyst’s View Modes provide a simple graphical explanation of each step of the treatment of building downwash in AERMOD.

GEP Stack Height View
Good Engineering Practice (GEP) stack height is an important concept both in air permitting and in AERMOD air dispersion modeling. The GEP Stack Height View in BREEZE Downwash Analyst allows the user ::  learn more...
Height of Wake Effect View
Two common questions in dealing with building downwash are “How far away would this stack have to move to avoid the downwash of that building?” and “Why does that building affect this stack?” The Hei ::  learn more...
BPIP Output View
The difference between the actual buildings in a facility, as input into AERMOD by the user, and the buildings that AERMOD sees with its BPIP pre-processor can be very large. Multiple buildings can b ::  learn more...
PRIME Plume Rise View
The actual effect that building downwash will have on an emissions plume will depend on many factors, primarily the exit velocity and temperature of the emissions and the current weather conditions.  ::  learn more...